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Beat the Heat: 5 Refreshing Foods to Stay Cool During Summer

The scorching sun, and the unbearable heat with the mercury on the rise in the summer have the potential to drain us completely. Low energy levels and dehydration are some other symptoms of being hit by the heatwave. It becomes extremely critical for us to keep ourselves hydrated and exercise great caution during the hot season. By following a strict lifestyle and eating right we can beat some of the harmful effects of heat.

We have listed below five very common foods easily accessible for everyone to add to their diet to fight the heatwave.


Easily available in most households, it is delicious and acts as a coolant for the body. You can always have your cord in different variants. You can have curd in the form of spiced-up buttermilk lassi or raita to accompany your food. It can be made into a smoothie by adding fresh fruits to it.


Cucumber is rich in fiber, which helps keep constipation at bay. It has a high content of water so helps stay saturated and cool during the hot season.


Easily available and inexpensive herb goes a long way to being beneficial. You can always add it to your curd, chaas or even in raita. Mint Chutney, a common thing made in Indian houses, is another option. Mint gives you a refreshing feeling and also cools down your body temperature.

Green Leafy Vegetables:

As it is green is a very eye-soothing color. The consumption of green vegetables all year round has numerous benefits. Green Leafy Vegetables too have high water content and should not be overcooked to retain that water to provide you with a cool after-effect.


It is a seasonal fruit that comes in summer only. The reason behind having watermelon is that it is about 91.45% water and that helps in fulfilling your body’s water needs.

It is enriched with anti-oxidant properties and gives you an amazing cooling effect.

There are some of the “Coolants” we have listed for you while there are so many other foods too to help you in this boiling heat. Find out about them!!!

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