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Renowned Chef Mustian Gadang Assumes Leadership at Spice Route, The Imperial New Delhi

Chef Mustian Gadang

Chef Mustian Gadang takes the helm as the esteemed Chef de Cuisine at the iconic Spice Route, nestled within The Imperial New Delhi. With a culinary heritage deeply rooted in his family’s traditions, Chef Mustian brings a fervent passion for flavors and a refined skill in crafting meticulously balanced menus.

Drawing inspiration from his Indonesian lineage and diverse culinary sojourns across Asia, the USA, and the Middle East, Chef Mustian’s creations promise extraordinary gastronomic odysseys. Each dish is a masterpiece, intricately designed to enthrall the senses and transport diners on a culinary voyage like no other.

Chef Mustian’s commitment to authenticity resonates in every offering, whether it’s his innovative interpretation of vegetarian bacon using tempeh or any other expertly curated dish tailored to diverse tastes and preferences.

With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, Chef Mustian sources the finest local ingredients to uphold the rich culinary legacy spanning across Asia, ensuring each bite encapsulates the essence of tradition and innovation.

Louis Sailer, Senior Executive Vice President at The Imperial New Delhi, extols Chef Mustian’s culinary prowess, remarking, “Among countless talented Asian chefs, Chef Mustian’s brilliance shines. His creations embody a profound connection to Asian cuisine, extracting unparalleled flavors from each ingredient. He has elevated our restaurant’s menu to unprecedented heights while remaining true to the authenticity of each handcrafted recipe.”

Chef Mustian’s unwavering passion for Asian gastronomy has garnered widespread acclaim throughout his illustrious career. Now, he embarks on a mission to redefine India’s beloved Asian dining destination. Through his curated culinary repertoire, Chef Mustian invites diners to embark on an enchanting journey along the ancient spice route, where tradition, innovation, and unforgettable flavors converge in perfect harmony.

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