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STAAH’s ‘The Big Connect’ Chennai Edition: Revolutionizing Hospitech Networking

STAAH Event in Chennai

Teaming up with industry giants like, WebBeds, and Airpay, STAAH orchestrated an immersive platform at the prestigious GRT Chennai Convention Centre, drawing over 120 distinguished attendees from the hospitality realm.

As the leading hospitality solutions provider hailing from New Zealand, STAAH collaborated with, WebBeds, and Airpay to curate an enriching edition of ‘The Big Connect’ in Chennai. This gathering served as a nexus for industry experts and innovators, converging to forge new alliances, exchange insights, and fortify India’s burgeoning hospitality sector.

At the heart of the event were illuminating sessions, delving into the evolving travel landscape, discerning traveler personas, and emerging market dynamics. Attendees gleaned invaluable strategies to optimize revenue streams and enhance guest experiences, underlining the pivotal role of technology in reshaping the hospitality landscape.

Rajesh Ghanshani, Director – Partnerships, set the tone with an invigorating keynote, emphasizing the transformative potential of technology in driving growth. Esteemed luminaries from, WebBeds, Airpay, and STAAH graced the stage, delivering deep-dives into pivotal themes such as online distribution, payment solutions, and integration technologies.

Delegates, including luminaries like G. Deva Kumar, CEO of Coral Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram, lauded the event’s efficacy in fostering meaningful connections and expanding horizons within the industry. Charlie, a Revenue Manager from Raintree Hotels, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the event’s prowess in facilitating networking opportunities.

‘The Big Connect’ emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering actionable insights and pragmatic strategies for accommodation providers in Chennai. Attendees were privy to the latest trends and tools reshaping the hospitality landscape, empowering them to amplify bookings and enrich guest experiences.

The event culminated in a spirited Q&A session, followed by a Lucky Draw and Dinner, fostering camaraderie and collaboration amongst attendees. Shoaib Ali, National Sales Head – India, STAAH, expressed eagerness to continue shaping India’s travel sector through such transformative events.

On a global scale, ‘The Big Connect’ has transcended borders since its inaugural edition in 2018 at HHI Kolkata, traversing various countries. In India alone, STAAH has orchestrated this seminal conference across seven vibrant cities, including Kolkata, Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, and now, Chennai.

As the curtains draw on another successful chapter, the reverberations of ‘The Big Connect’ continue to resonate, propelling India’s travel sector towards new horizons of growth and innovation.

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