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Nature’s Basket Elevates Culinary Delights with Grand Opening of Experiential Concept Store at Krishna Curve Mall, Mumbai

Nature's Basket

Nature’s Basket, a revered name in gourmet and fresh produce under the RPSG group, proudly unveils its groundbreaking experiential branch at Krishna Curve Mall, Mumbai. This latest venture represents the pinnacle of grocery shopping, merging premium quality products with an immersive and innovative setting.

Situated in the heart of Mumbai’s vibrant suburb, Nature’s Basket Artisan Pantry emerges as the third concept store by Nature’s Basket in the country, poised to revolutionize the culinary landscape. Boasting cutting-edge features like a dedicated wine cellar, artisanal cheese selection, farmer’s market, live cooking gourmet studio, and chocolate studio, this branch promises to redefine the gastronomic journey for Mumbaikars with a bespoke experience.

“At Nature’s Basket, our dedication extends beyond mere groceries; we aspire to craft an unforgettable culinary voyage for our patrons. Our newest concept store at Krishna Curve Mall epitomizes this commitment, offering a meticulously curated array of premium products and a space where food aficionados can indulge their senses,” shared Mr. Shashwat Goenka, Chairman, Spencer’s Retail and Nature’s Basket.

The wine cellar showcases an extensive array of both domestic and international wines, thoughtfully chosen to cater to diverse palates. Meanwhile, the artisanal cheeses sourced from around the globe promise to captivate both seasoned connoisseurs and eager novices alike. The farmer’s market celebrates the essence of fresh, local, and global produce, forging a direct link between consumers and the origins of their food.

“Our vision for the new Nature’s Basket store at Krishna Curve Mall is to cultivate a haven for gastronomes, where they can explore, savor, and delve into the finest ingredients from across the globe. With features like The Chef’s Table live cooking gourmet studio, The Good Food Cafe, the artisan bakery Boulangerie, and a rich array of over 10,000 products, culinary enthusiasts can witness the enchantment of gastronomy unfold,” remarked Mr. Shashwat Goenka, Chairman, Spencer’s Retail and Nature’s Basket.

More than just a shopping destination, this outlet is a celebration of culinary culture, offering customers opportunities to partake in workshops, cooking classes, and tastings to refine their culinary prowess. Nature’s Basket Artisan Pantry at Krishna Curve Mall aspires to become a focal point for food enthusiasts, fostering connections and shared experiences through a mutual passion for exceptional cuisine.

Embark on a tantalizing culinary journey at Nature’s Basket Artisan Pantry, located at Krishna Curve Mall, 3rd Floor, Junction of Linking Road, and savor the unparalleled delights that await.

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